Double Row Angular Contact

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Angular Contact Bearings are double-row angular contact ball bearings. Each of the two rows has a 30° contact angle. Polyamide cages offer high-impact strength, abrasion- and wear-resistance, and energy and shock absorption.These type of bearings are made in two contact angle levels as shown in Table. They are selected according to sustained axial and moment load.


Cages are made of pressed steel. Some sizes of Double-row Angular Contact Ball Bearing are available with contact seals (2NS) or shields (ZZ). A double row angular contact ball bearings correspond in design to two single row angular contact ball bearings arranged back-to-back, but take up less axial space. They can accommodate radial loads as well as axial loads in both directions.


Double row angular contact ball bearing have two rows of balls arranged back-to-back. The lines of action of the load at the contact between balls and raceways (load lines) diverge at the bearing axis and form an angle of 30° to the radial plane. In essence, they work similarly to having a matched pair of Single Row Angular Contact ball bearings either face-to-face or back-to-back.


35mm x 72mm x 27mm QBL 3207btnc3-qbl Double Row Angular Contact

37.0000 mm 9.00 mm
0.30 mm 22000 rpm

35mm x 72mm x 27mm NSK 3207btnc3-nsk Double Row Angular Contact

0.93 cm³ 0.6 mm
41.6 mm 0.98

35mm x 72mm x 27mm QBL 3207atn9/c3-qbl Double Row Angular Contact

0.005 kN 40000 r/min
5.2 mm 9 mm

35mm x 72mm x 27mm QBL 3207btn-qbl Double Row Angular Contact

45000 rpm 27000 rpm
0 lb 25.40 mm

35mm x 72mm x 27mm NSK 3207btn-nsk Double Row Angular Contact

0.067 kg M 12x25
5 mm 15 mm

35mm x 72mm x 27mm QBL 3207bnrtnc3-qbl Double Row Angular Contact

1.00 mm 2.00 mm
6000 rpm 129000 N

35mm x 72mm x 27mm NSK 3207bnrtnc3-nsk Double Row Angular Contact

1 000 min-1 1 400 min-1
2180 kN 320 mm

35mm x 72mm x 27mm SKF 3207atn9/c3-skf Double Row Angular Contact

100 mm 8.731 mm
1.03 1

35mm x 72mm x 27mm SKF 3207atn9/c2-skf Double Row Angular Contact

13000 rpm 26.00 mm
85200 N 105.000 mm

35mm x 72mm x 27mm QBL 3207atn9-qbl Double Row Angular Contact

70.000 mm 63.50 mm
150.0000 mm 2800 rpm

35mm x 72mm x 27mm QBL 3207a/c3-qbl Double Row Angular Contact

h8 0.1
20 N/mm² 65 mm